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Karl Marx. That name is likely to elicit a powerful emotional response when mentioned. For the politically conservative, thoughts of the confiscation of private property, government control of industry, and Soviet gulags are likely to dominate. For the politically liberal, thoughts of a flattened society, less inequality between poor and rich, and a socialist utopia are likely to dominate. Few names generate as much political debate and vitriol. However, Marx offered more than just political and economic theory; he offered an entire philosophical worldview that must be unpacked to grasp the implications of his ideas fully. …

As a Chaplain and a member of the clergy I feel I need to speak about this. What is happening in the world is too important to not use even the tiny platform I have to speak out.

These are my observations. I want to listen. I want to learn.

I’m going to borrow an idea from the PREP Strong Bonds curriculum and apply it to some of our current realities. This curriculum is used by Army Chaplains in marriage enrichment training.

When a geyser erupts, you see the massive explosion of water and steam but before the geyser ever…

The Bilderburg Group, Bill Gates, the Clintons, and the Deep State are in cahoots. They orchestrated the coronavirus pandemic in order to cower the world population and coerce everyone into accepting a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT!

I clutch my pearls. Breathlessly pound away at my keyboard and SHARE! SHARE! SHARE!

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I’m a Christian and I’m consistently disconcerted by the number of conspiracy theories I see on a daily basis in my social media feeds. These articles, videos, and podcasts are shared by people who hold to theological convictions pretty closely aligned with my own. …

For military Chaplains, the COVID-19 pandemic forced a rapid and sometimes painful change. While pockets of people had embraced the streaming revolution, the execution was largely personality driven. If an individual Chaplain had the passion and expertise, a particular location would enjoy the fruits of those labors. Until that Chaplain moved on.

COVID-19 has forced Chaplains to adapt. Engaging online is no longer optional for the ministry of Chaplains, it is essential. Those unwilling or unable to engage online, risk being left behind and risk leaving a significant portion of those under their care without the religious support they need…

Two years ago I stood in front of a crowd of friends and family at a Southeastern Oklahoma cemetery. I was providing the graveside service for my grandfather’s funeral. It was an incredible honor to be able to speak about him and his impact on me to those who had gathered, but, as anyone in caregiving professions knows, sometimes circumstances make it difficult to process your own grief.

A couple of months after the funeral, I was coming down the stairs in our home and I saw a picture of our oldest child with my dad and grandfather. I went…

When I was a kid, I thought checks were magical. My parents would go to the store, grab what they needed, write a few things on a magical slip of paper, and then they would leave with a bag full of groceries or gadgets. In my mind, you could write whatever you wanted on that check. I had no conception that it was actually tied to real dollars in a bank. It wasn’t until I started helping my dad on the farm and earning cash that I began to understand how money worked.

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Today, my own kids watch me pay…


In 2003, I reported to Basic Combat Training. I knew as soon as the bus pulled onto the post late in the evening that the next ten weeks of my life would like very different from anything I had experienced before. When the bus pulled up to the reception building, a forbidding looking Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) boarded and began barking instructions at the group of nervous young men. Most of us were barely out of high school. As we stumbled off the bus and into the reception building, we were surrounded by posters of soldiers engaging in various challenging…

Americans are an individualistic people. The earliest European settlers of what would eventually become British colonies were explorers seeking wealth and adventure and Christian Puritans seeking a break from the Church of England in order to practice their faith in freedom.

If you paid attention in an American history class, you probably heard the term “rugged individualism” batted around as a sort of distinctively American ideal. …

Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson is a pop culture phenomenon. His books sell millions of copies. His public lectures are attended by thousands and viewed by millions via online streaming. Interviews, conversations, debates, and podcasts featuring Peterson are consumed by a voracious audience that is hungry for his message of personal responsibility, the inevitability of suffering, and the striving to find meaning within that suffering.

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Dr. Jordan Peterson — Source

His ideas feel new. Fresh. Revolutionary. Maybe even a bit transgressive. They seem to be a pendulum swing away from post-modern thought and the deconstructionism that has characterized the mainstream intellectual movement since the cultural revolutions…

When was the last time you wrote something for yourself? I’m not talking about your most recent article on Medium or a screed posted on Facebook. I’m talking about something you wrote for you. Something that is not going to be posted to the vast audience of the internet and thus put through a necessarily protective filter before clicking the button to send it into the wild.

Whether consciously or not, when we post something online for all the prying eyes of the world to see, we filter it. Is this what my audience wants to read? Is this phrasing…

Caleb McCary

Experienced Chaplain. Photography Enthusiast. Lover of learning. Reader of books. Sci-Fi fan.

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