What a Red State native learned from a year of living in the D.C. Metro

Red State natives like myself have a lot of ideas about those bastions of East Coast liberalism that are spread up and down the I-95 corridor. Often they are informed by conservative news outlets that regularly trumpet headlines designed to generate clicks, ad dollars, and increase the “us versus them” mindset that has become so common across the United States. With all these ideas swirling through my mind, it was not without a bit of apprehension that my family moved to the Washington D.C. Metro.

Imagine my surprise when I got there and discovered that there was actually a lot that I really loved. In fact, there were things that made living there superior to my experiences living in large Red State metros like Dallas-Fort Worth. I quickly discovered that instead of focusing on the differences between Red State America and Blue State America, to focus on those positive aspects of calling the Washington D.C. area home.

Here are a few of the lessons I learned from a year of living in a major city in a Blue State:

We’ve since moved back to a Red State but my Blue State experience was eye-opening and incredibly positive. It makes a big difference when you actually experience life in a Blue State versus hearing all the hysterics perpetuated in the media. Perhaps we would all do well to give our Red State and Blue State neighbors the benefit of the doubt rather than buying into the narratives being fed us in the media. In the end, we are all people trying to make our way in the world the best we can and we all have things we can learn from each other.

Experienced Chaplain. Photography Enthusiast. Lover of learning. Reader of books. Sci-Fi fan.

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