I’ve spent fair amount of time around death and dying as a hospital Chaplain. I’ve seen people die in isolation and surrounded by those who love them. I’ve seen people die only when every last option has been exhausted and those who choose only minimal interventions.

Often it is those who have mentally and spiritually prepared themselves and their loved ones for death who seem best equipped to handle this very difficult and very personal part of life. If I could give individuals advice on preparing for death it would be, “Don’t wait.” Get and keep your affairs in order and do it while you are young. Do your best to keep your relationships in order so that when death inevitably comes, the people you care most about will know how much you loved them because you don’t always get the chance to repair broken relationships on your deathbed.

Thanks for sharing this.

Experienced Chaplain. Photography Enthusiast. Lover of learning. Reader of books. Sci-Fi fan.

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